Searching the flow in San Rafael

Searching the flow in San Rafael 150 150 David Moreno Mas


San Rafael is a little town located in Segovia. This place along with the nuclei of El Espinar,
the Station of el Espinar and Los Ángeles de San Rafael forms the municipality of El
The town sits in the lung of the Guadarrama National Park , at 1260 meters (being the
town located at the highest altitude of the Sierra de Guadarrama).
Its origin dates back to 1784 , the date on which a coaching inn was built to give rest to
travelers from one Castile to the other.


The inn, the church and the houses which closed the circle where the ways converge.



Its forests have been exploded to get resin and wood for a lot of years. That’s why we can
find a forest path used to take the trunks out in lorries, dragging paths where the trunks
were dragged and trails where they walked or rode their beasts. Among them, forest


Sendero del Ingeniero.

Double way path among pines and streams.


This is the reason why the nicest path in San Rafael is The engineer . It is 11 km. long aprox.,
going over the slope of a mountain, keeping the altitude but constantly up and down. Here you
have to gain the flow with the blow of pedal and inertia and adapt yourself to the land. It goes across several streams which turn the meadow greenish. The climate here is nice in summer
and cold in winter, due to its altitude.


Estampa primaveral en la pradera de las lagunillas.

Spring in Las Lagunillas


An interesting point which will make things easier for bikers is the presence of forest paths which will lead us to the top of the Sierra of Malagón, letting us reach the summit of the most important ones, Cueva Valiente, Cabeza Líjar, etc… There we´ll be able to enjoy amazing views of both Castiles, being the perfect moment to gain energy before going down through its majestic and  endless forests of black soil and full of pine cones springing around at our path.


We’ll find a lot of varied paths , above all, the flow path, although there are several technical
paths where to test your skills on the bike. In the same path, you can go from nearly total
horizontal alignment to vertical position, from the easy flow to the tough one, from the
rockgarden to the green prairie …


Wallride curioso.

Curious wallride


…What we know for sure is that you will come back to this forest, it has something addictive!


Follow us!


Happy trails, Flow and Grip!!!

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