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*Synergy: noun, pl. -gies

1. Combined action or functioning; synergism.
2. The cooperative action of two or more muscles, nerves or the like.

Since the very first moment I started this dream of MASMTB, I have liked to work with synergies, I think it is something really wholesome and productive for both parts. You work happily and with more passion, being this reflected on results. And there are some people, like Carla, who is really easy to “ synergy” with!!. Carla Rodríguez Caballero, from Suelta los frenos , the best collaborator in our courses, tells her opinion about MASMTB and our work together in this article:

“ Coincidences don’t exist… That’s what I thought when I met David Moreno Mas ,
MASMTB founder and manager. His company of guides and instructors were
completely different from others I had known so far.”

The similar way we see life and bike and her powerful energy have made possible our two first projects: Train with Brain and Prepare your Race , each of them with its own objectives and characteristics.
Train with Brain is a fantastic project which is constantly growing, a course which all MTB users should take when buying a bike. Why? Because, like in other sports, learning from friends is not always the best option. Mountain bikes, and concretely Enduro, are physically, technically and psychologically hard, and in this course we advise bearing in mind this triangle, not theoretically, but on the “battlefield”.


entrena con cabeza charla

Carla, from SLF, giving her presentation.


With Prepare your Race we offer a new orientation for competition directing it to your personal improvement, guaranteeing bikers the safety they need according to their abilities, and aiming to enjoy the race and getting the 100% of your possibilities.


Prepara tu carrera

Poster of the course Prepare your Race.



These two courses have meant the beginning of a nice cooperation between two firms with a common objective: put MTB closer to the crowd. Giving priority to safety, learning through positive experiences and respect for environment and other forests users.


We wait for you in the next course!!


Carla Rodríguez Caballero
616 76 10 54

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