Searching the flow in San Rafael
Searching the flow in San Rafael 150 150 David Moreno Mas


San Rafael is a little town located in Segovia. This place along with the nuclei of El Espinar,
the Station of el Espinar and Los Ángeles de San Rafael forms the municipality of El
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Various synergies
Various synergies 900 601 David Moreno Mas

*Synergy: noun, pl. -gies

1. Combined action or functioning; synergism.
2. The cooperative action of two or more muscles, nerves or the like.

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Hello! We are MASMTB
Hello! We are MASMTB 1024 683 David Moreno Mas


After much field and office work, we got our web at last; a meeting point for all MTB lovers,
where you can see what we do and more! leer más