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Train with brain

The only Enduro course which prepares you physically, technically and psychologically not only if you are a beginner, but also if you want to optimize your skills.

David designs and leads the route so that you can practise and develope your capacity to read the plot. Alberto and Víctor advise you on everything related to bike mechanics and mountain; and Carla Rodríguez from SLF provides the necessary guidelines to understand the relationship between emotions and physical response. This will make you focus your fears from another point and balance your experience on your bike. The most complete Enduro course.

Prepare your race

Are you taking part in a race around the mountains of Madrid?

Improve your confidence and performance with our advised training, trackwalking and practicing the route the same weekend of the competition and/or the previous days.

Race Course


We colaborate with bikeshops and clubs, developing specialised courses on any matter related to Enduro and MTB: riding skills, sport psychology, nutrition, Enduro initiation, All Mountain…



MASMTB is also personal training in Enduro and MTB. We help you develop that hidden skill. Contact us and we’ll design your exclusive training.